The American Flyers Show Band




The American Flyers are a great addition to any event. They bring high energy and a wide array of songs to their set list. They were the perfect fit for our Independence Day celebration, having material for everyone in the crowd. As the fireworks were going off, the echoes of their songs rang through the event. There was a sense of community and unity that the music provided by the American Flyers brought. A real treat!
Brittani Farmer
Special Events Coordinator City of Kennesaw Parks & Recreation
THE BAND WAS AWESOME!!!!! I had so many compliments! great music, great dance songs! just to name a few! I cannot believe they ask for an encore! That has never happened before.
Shannon Banda
Krewe of Gemini
The American Flyers Show Band are awesome! We were lucky enough to work with them on a recent charity concert in Gainesville this year! We really wanted someone that would rock the house and impress our special guest, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, and The American Flyers Show Band certainly made sure our concert was a success from start to finish! Of course, we picked the hottest day in June to have the concert..did I mention it was outside? The American Flyers Show Band showed up with the full crew before lunch to begin setting up, they handled all of the production.setting up the soundboards, the stage risers..everything with a smile in 95 degree temperatures with no shade in sight!!! In addition, since they were the last act of the night it was well after midnight before their ‘shift’ ended. We cannot thank them enough for everything they did to help make our concert a success!!

I would not hesitate for a second to recommend The American Flyers Show Band to anyone that is looking for a real class act to step up their social event. One piece of advice..bring your dancing shoes because you will need them!!!! : )
Mitch Farmer
June Jam
I want to thank The American Flyers Show Band for making the “Consumers Choice Awards Gala” such a success!

Every year we book bands and orchestras for our yearly event and I can state without hesitation The American Flyers Show Band are the best we have ever hired.

When we needed dinner music your orchestra provided an ideal blend of beautiful numbers that didn’t overpower the room; but when it came time to dance you guys really shown.

The American Flyers Show Band are one of the best dance bands anywhere.
Jeff Chernoff
President, Consumer’s Choice Award
Thanks you so much for making our wedding reception so incredible. The music was great and we are still hearing comments on how good you were. My mother spent several months searching for the right band and always came back to The American Flyers Show Band. I am so thrilled we found you—you are the best.
Deidre Downs
Miss America
Choosing our band, The American Flyers, was one of the best decisions we made – the music was great and they had every- body dancing!
Kathy G.
Having been in the music business for over 30 years, I was truly amazed and proud to have The American Flyers Show Band play at my wedding. I don’t know why these guys haven’t been signed yet, but I would bet money that there is no other band available that is as professional and that has as high a musical standard as The America Flyers. They were so great that some of my guests were more interested in the band than in my wedding!! Get them while you still can. You will NOT be disappointed!! These are the only guys I recommend when I am asked about a band for an event. They are truly as professional a band as I have ever seen”
John and Fran Kovach
Sound Tech KISS, ARS, Lynard Skynyrd – Studio Owner
I had the privilege of seeing you guys last week in Huntsville when you played for SASHTO. While attending meetings in preparation for the conference (I’m from Alabama) I had heard how awesome your band was and now I know why. You are one of the best, if not THE BEST, band that I have ever heard. You worked the crowd and your talent is superb. If possible, please add me to your email list. I never got around to signing up for it and would love to see you guys again if ever possible. Thank you!!!! God Bless!
Ann Thomas
Alabama DOT
I don’t know if you remember me but you guys played at my wedding on Oct. 13th, 2007 and it was amazing!! I have only heard good comments from everyone and my associate that was at my wedding wants you to come back to Gainesville and play. God Bless!
Anne Kate-Smith-Williams
Keller Williams Realty
You guys were great. Been going to these concerts for 2 years. Y'all are the best I've seen so far!
Anne Kate-Smith-Williams
Keller Williams Realty